The 2020 Public Services Hub (2020PSH) is a research and policy development hub created from the legacy of the in early 2011.  It specialises in developing practice-based research on social productivity in public services.  Based at the RSA, the Hub works collaboratively with local public service organisations, national sector leaders and other national partners to develop social value and social productivity thinking into local and national practice. 

The pressures on public services are many and varied – spending cuts, future demands, and the challenge of engaging more effectively and creatively with citizens and communities.  Within this context, the 2020PSH seeks to apply a long-term, strategic perspective on these pressures, and develop socially productive responses in collaboration with its partners.

2020PSH is currently working with several national public service organisations and local authorities including a project on the role of further education in a Big Society, commissioned by the (LSIS).  The Hub recently collaborated with (SEL) to write a paper on creative alternatives to library closures using our social productivity model.  2020PSH is also working with the , using the social productivity approach to assess the challenges and opportunities of the new health care landscape, specifically aimed at maintaining a citizen focus through new GP commissioning.

In partnership with RSA Projects, 2020PSH are working with Darlington Borough Council to develop its which aims to establishing innovative partnerships to drive prosperity and support the well being of its citizens.  The Hub will also soon commence work in partnership with Shared Intelligence, to provide a series of workshops to aimed at assisting management navigate the challenges and opportunities in public service reform through a social value lens.

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