Roundtable – From Big Society to Social Productivity, 24 June 2011 8.30am

16th June 2011 / Posted by Heidi Hauf

Invitation only event This roundtable discussion will mark the establishment of the 2020 Public Services Hub (2020PSH) at the RSA and the publication of our launch paper “From Big Society to Social Productivity”. The event will be an opportunity for policy makers …

Roundtable – Lessons from public sector innovations in the developing world, 28 June 2011 12pm

16th June 2011 / Posted by Holly Snaith

Invitation Only Seminar This seminar aims to widen the lens and look to developing and transition countries for innovation and insight. It will bring together a range of experts from UK and developing world public services, and ask: What can …

Launch – The FE and Skills Sector in 2020: A Social Productivity Approach, 26 May 2011 6pm

19th May 2011 / Posted by Heidi Hauf

This major report, commissioned by the Learning Skills and Information Service (LSIS) argues that the learning and skills sector has a crucial role in helping to support a new model of growth, based on local enterprise and localised skills development. …

Roundtable – Risk and the Big Society, 6 April 2011 8.30am

18th April 2011 / Posted by Heidi Hauf

Invitation Only Seminar The coalition government has committed itself to rolling back bureaucracy, and handing more power and responsibility to local services, charities, volunteers and ordinary citizens. Doing so, however, risks exposing us to new risks. The contraction of the …

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