Discussion Paper – Equalities Policy Under the Coalition: Time for a New Approach?

1st June 2011 / Posted by Holly Snaith

What’s the difference between fairness and equality?   Would a capabilities approach provide a means of moving beyond existing disagreement?   Why should we care?   In the first of our discussion papers series, 2020PSH argues that the time is …

Publication – The Further Education and Skills Sector in 2020: A Social Productivity Approach

26th May 2011 / Posted by Heidi Hauf

Big changes are happening across the spectrum of public services. The Coalition Government, driven by a determination to reform within the context of massive spending cuts, is reshaping the way public services are designed, delivered and accounted for.  All parts …

Publication – From Big Society to Social Productivity

18th April 2011 / Posted by Heidi Hauf

by Henry Kippin and Ben Lucas The Big Society has so far been predominantly presented as a vision, what it lacks is a strategy. Ends require means. And it is not yet clear what these will be. In particular, if …

Publication – Libraries in transition: are there creative alternatives?

15th April 2011 / Posted by Heidi Hauf

Britain’s public services under more pressure than at any time in the past thirty years.  In identifying savings, councils across the country are scrutinising the services they provide and often coming up with similar answers.  As a result, certain services …

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